Chief Electoral Officer, Government of Tamil Nadu


Officers in CEOs Office

Structure at the State Level (CEO’s Office)

Chief Electoral Officer and Principal Secretary to Government,
Public (Elections) Department


Joint/ Deputy Chief Electoral Officers and Joint/ Deputy Secretary

(2 officers in this level)


  Assistant Chief Electoral Officer and Under Secretary

(2 officers)


Section Officers (in charge of a Section)

[6 regular and 2 or 3 addl. (temporary) posts during the time of elections]


 Assistant Section Officers

[generally 2 persons for each Section under a Section Officer)


Contact Information

Office: Fort St. George, Secretariat, CHENNAI- 600009

Name & Designation

Tel. no.- Office

Tel. no.-Res.

Dr. Sandeep Saxena I.A.S,
Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) & Principal Secretary to Government

044-2567 0390


Thiru. Ajay Yadav I.A.S.,
Joint Chief Electoral Officer (IT) .

044-2567 4185


Thiru. A. Sivagnanam I.A.S
Joint Chief Electoral Officer (SVEEP) .

044-2567 2396


Thiru C. Sasikumar
Deputy Chief Electoral Officer.

044-2567 4019